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Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltijarri

Nomadic Life

b. 1958, Western Australia

Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri was one of the last of the Pintupi to lead a nomadic life. He came in from the desert with his family group of nine in 1984. Prior to this he had been living in country to the west of Lake Mackay. At this time it was estimated that he was 25 years old and had had no contact with Europeans.
After three years in Papunya Warlimpirrnga began painting with Papunya Tula Artists. In 1988 he had his fist solo show at Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi. The entire exhibition was bought and donated to the National Gallery of Victoria.
Warlimpirrngna paints a stories for a number of sites around Wilkinkarra (Lake Mackay).
In 2000, with four other men from Kiwirrkurra, he made a ground painting at the Art gallery of NSW. His life was the subject of an episode of Beyond the Fatal Shore, a BBC documentary.
He is married to Yalti Napangati.

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