Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi - Exhibiting Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art

Taylor Cooper

Language Ptijantjatjara

Taylor Cooper was born in 1940 near Malara, South Australia, at a waterhole east of Pipalyatjara, an important Rainbow Serpent Dreaming site. This is his totemic ancestor; he is Nguraritja, a traditional custodian of Malara. He is an important senior tribesman and a recognized custodian of traditional aboriginal lore and culture.

Taylor commenced painting at the Kaltjiti Arts centre in 2009 and it soon became evident that his paintings contained a strong representation of his tribal knowledge. His paintings refer to the creation stories or tjukurpa associated with the traditional homelands of his mother, of Iltur near Coffin Hill and his father, of Pipalyatjara, north-west of South Australia. The National Gallery of Victoria acquired his first large work.


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