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Kunmanara Williamson

Tjala Artist

Kunmanara was a Pitjantjatjara senior lore woman committed to fostering traditional law and culture, story-telling, hunting, punu (wood) carving, dancing and painting. She was born around 1940 somewhere out west of Amata. Her family came to Amata when she was a young girl, most likely around the mid 1950s. At that time Amata was a cattle station called Musgrave park, which was eventually be returned to the Pitjantjatjara people in the mid 1960s. She married a young cattleman who worked at Musgrave Park and nearby stations. His family are the traditional owners of the country around Amata. Tragically, her husband died in his early forties, leaving her to bring up the five children on her own.
Kunmanara had been painting with Tjala Arts (formerly Minymaku Arts) since 2000 and received acclaim for her unique, colourful style.
Her works combines old tjukupa with modern perspective and application to develop her distinctive style. Like her quirky paintings, she had a great sense of humor that helped her to live through what have been difficult times.


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