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Kunmanara Tjilpi Kankapankatja

1930 - 2012, born in Walalkara

Languages Yankunytjatjara/Pitjantjatjara

Tjilpi was born at Walalkara and grew up near Wellborne Hill and Everard Park stations. His father was Pitjantjatjara from west of Watarru and his mother was Yankunytjatjara from Makiri to the northwest of Walalkara. Unusually, Tjilpi was custodian for country that involves women's lore, minymatjukurpa. Ililya and Puni Puni are two such places that feature in Tjilpi's paintings.

Tjilpi lived in Walalkara with his wife Tjayangka Antjala and was often helped with land management work by his family. They are of the Yankunytjatjara country and are Nguraritja people, who belong to the south country of Walalkara.

In July 2004, Kunmanara Tjilpi Kankapankatja began his career as an artist and painter. His theme was always of his traditional country of Walalkara and Ililya. In his fresh style, Tjilpi told the story of his country. An expert tracker, his intimate knowledge of the land, animals and plants is evident in his work, "He creates maps of his country with an easy sense of space and openness." (Dr D James, Painting the Song: Kaltjiti Artists of the Sand-dune Country.) Tjilpi was also an expert carver and made traditional artefacts such as boomerangs, spears, spear throwers and shields.

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