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Patrick Mung Mung

Senior Artist at Warmun Art Centre

Patrick Mung Mung is a senior artist at Warmun Art Centre and an elder in the Warmun Community in the East Kimberley. Painting with natural pigments on canvas is a significant aspect of his art practice. His knowledge of his country and his cultural memory of family, land and work are powerful influences in his work. Like his late father, George Mung Mung, Patrick is a strong cross-cultural communicator. Mung Mung’s work is influenced by the previous generation of Warmun artists for their raw directness and composition; these artists include Rover Thomas and Paddy Jaminji.

Mung Mung was born at Spring Creek and worked as a stockman for many years on Texas Downs Station and nearby stations in the East Kimberley. He was the last worker to leave Texas Downs when it closed in the 1970s.

In 1991 following his father’s death, it fell to Mung Mung to accompany his father’s carving Mary of Warmun to Canberra for the exhibition Aboriginal Art and Spirituality at the High Court of Australia. This occasion marked the beginning of a journey for Mung Mung, which was to see him take on his father’s role of senior artist, law and culture man. Patrick Mung Mung started painting in 1991 and was instrumental in establishing the artist-and-community-owned art centre at Warmun in 1998. Mung Mung is a current member of the Warmun Art Centre Committee.

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