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Partrick Tjungurrayi

Tingari and Wanawarra

Patrick Tjungurrayi was born in the desert west of Puntujarrapa (Jupiter Well), Western Australia. He is of the Pintupi Tribe and now divides his time between the regions of Balgo and Kiwirrkura.

The Tingari and Wanawarra (Rainbow Snake), are depicted in his early Balgo works and Thunderstorm and Lightning Dreamings are more predominant in his art when closer to Puntujarrpa. More recently, his major focus includes a range of rockhole sites and soakages close to the west and south of Kiwirrkura. His bold designs are incredibly powerful, that depict the warmth and energy that represents his love and immense knowledge of the land and respect for ancestral identity.

He is a leading Papunya Tula artist whose work is sought after by collectors worldwide, he was also named among the Top 50 of Australia's Most Collectable Artists. (Australian Art collector, issue 30, January - March 2005)


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