Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi - Exhibiting Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art

Lena Yarinkura

Three Dimensional Creatures

Born 1948

Lena Yarinkura is one of Maningrida Arts and Culture’s most innovative contemporary women artists. As a Rembarrnga woman, Lena has literally and metaphorically brought together strands from her country and the mythology of her heritage to produce three dimensional fibre creatures filled with mystical significance. Dog, mermaid, rainbow spirit, and Wyarra, each plays an important role in the fabric of her and her clan’s cultural landscape. In discussion, Lena explains the importance of these creatures, revealing the particularly close relationship between women and dogs and hence their significance in her works.

Lena places great importance on innovation. Her three dimensional creatures are a testimony to this. She constantly reworks and develops their forms and experiments with the medium. Materials for her work come from her clan estate. Dayarr (pandanus) and rulk (grass) are the twines used for forming the spirits bodies. Warlpupurrunggu
(bush turkey) and Nganarrngh (black cockatoo) feathers are often used for hair. Marnarr (red), gamununggu (white), garbla (yellow) ochres and roerroe (black ashes) are then mixed and applied for colour.

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