Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi - Exhibiting Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art

James Iyuna

Bark Painter and Sculptor of Mimih Spirits

Born 1959, West Central Arnhem Land, Australia

Language Kuninjku

Iyuna is the son of Anchor Kulunba and Mary Marabamba, and younger brother of Jimmy Njiminjuma and John Mawurndjul. Iyuna is a bark painter and sculptor of mimih spirits and has been working since 1983 through Maningrida Arts and Culture. He has taught his wife to paint and other Mumeka residents such as Haleema Djorlom, Roberta Wurrkidj and Annie Wurrkidj. Although Iyuna was taught by his father to make mandjabu (conical fish traps), he has followed his brothers and is mainly a bark painter. Indeed, mandjabu are recurring subjects in his paintings. Iyuna is also the brother of Susan Marawarr.


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