Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi - Exhibiting Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art

Geraldine Nowee

Rich Painting Background

Born 1977

Language Pintupi

Geraldine is the fifth daughter of Brandy Tjungurrayi (senior Law man, deceased) and Nowee Nangala (deceased), from whom she inherited many Tjukurrpa (dreamtime) stories. Geraldine learnt to paint from years of watching her mother and father. She is a competent young painter and has been painting since 2002.
Geraldine was born like many people of her age group, within the region at Derby Regional hospital and is the youngest of five daughters. Geraldine comes from a rich painting background. Her sisters Ann, Theresa and Genevieve are all competent painters in their own right. Geraldine’s daughter Serina also paints, as does her husband Lloyd Sheppard. Geraldine is a powerful young painter and her work has grown from strength to strength. Her palette is dominated by the various flowers, seeds and bush tucker that dominate the region at various times of the year.


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